MobWives New Blood season finale

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I hadn’t planned on writing anything about the season finale for MobWives: New Blood for this reason: I don’t know anyone who watches it. Now, I know it has a HUGE fan base but I don’t know any personally. I would love to be able to chat with folks about this show as it’s my second all-time favorite reality show! I should start looking for Twitter people who use the #hashtag for the show and add them now that I think about it.


It went, for the most part, exactly how I expected it to go. The cast sat down and answered questions about the season from the host. Renee and Natalie still have issues but can tolerate each other. Renee and Alicia had issues but can get along. Big Ang is funny and just emanates this light, like sunshine on a dark day. Drita is just awesome. Oh, and Drita is still harboring a little upset at Renee from way back in season one over how Renee never took her side against Karen. And I get that. I was surprised, however, to see Drita get as worked up about it as she did. Made me go on a Google hunt to see if anyone had asked her questions about it after-the-fact.

I didn’t see any interviews on that but what I did find was one where Drita said Renee was just a co-worker and that before the show she was just her friend’s older sister. The latter, Renee being the older sister of one of Drita’s friends, I already knew. I suppose the ‘just co-workers’ thing makes perfect sense, too.

But. But …

I like to imagine that, even when the cameras aren’t rolling, that Drita and Renee meet up for chicken cutlets at Big Ang’s house and gab. Catch up. Hang out. Chill. Or maybe they get together for drinks at The Drunken Monkey. OR, since Drita’s done so much renovating, she fixes them another kick-butt meal at her house. I like to think they do this all the time, filming or not filming. Because they’re friends. In real life!

I like to think that their kids all know each other and the husband’s maybe shoot a round of pool to complain about the cameras being around so much. DOES THIS NOT HAPPEN??? If the answer is “NO” then don’t tell me.


And wouldn’t it be so out-of-this-world awesome to walk past the new Lady Boss store Drita just opened and see the girls sitting there in the ‘lounge’ area, sipping on wine and cackling with each other? MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I don’t want them to just be “co-workers”. Wah.

This was my big take away from the season, albeit indirectly. Oh wells. That said, I’m already wanting to see the next season. I love this show!


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